February 20-21, 2019
Vibrations '19
The annual cultural fest of Shivaji College

The college has seven, very vibrant cultural societies that provide opportunities to students to showcase their expressions through arts and aesthetics.

In the annual cultural festival- VIBRATIONS, students from various institutions showcase their talents in debating, music, fashion, dance, fine arts, photography and theatre in a very robust environment in events organised by these societies.

The dance society provides an excellent platform to students who have a passion and potential in dancing, thus organising its cultural event annually to award the talent. As a dancing society, Footloose is highly ranked among the colleges of DU.

The fashion society attracts wide participation from students and conducts numerous stage performances. Realizing the need of today, Bizarre showcases fashion through socially relevant themes.

The public speaking society enables students to exchange their ideas and nurture their views through parliamentary as well as conventional debating formats, in both English and Hindi.

Shutterbugs is dedicated towards nurturing the bond between budding photographers and their cameras. The society works on advanced post-processing techniques and organizes interactive sessions with experienced photographers and film-makers. In recent years, Shutterbugs has achieved greater heights and has grown as an amazing family of lens lovers.

Reverb believes in providing every music fanatic with a sack full of exciting stage opportunities. Reverb opens pathways for its members to explore and polish their vocal and instrumental talents. Reverb's annual musical recital- 'Swaranjali' is a popular music fest of Delhi University.

Vayam is the theatre society of Shivaji College that excels in street as well as stage theatre. “Udgosh” is the annual event organised by Vayam during Vibrations.

The Fine Arts Society - Vibgyor provides an excellent platform for students with artistic bent of mind. Every year, the Vibgyor team has challenged itself and excelled in its creative expressions. The fine arts society works to polish some of the most creative minds of the university and organises various competitive events.

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